Why I Love Kajabi and How it Has Simplified My Business

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The joy in that video, yes that is the former President of Kajabi dancing to Usher at Impact Summit, is how I feel about Kajabi! 

About 6 years ago I made the decision to start transitioning my Professional Organizing business to all online. This meant leaving behind my in-person services and working towards selling programs and virtual coaching services.

The tools I started with were WordPress, Mailchimp, and Leadpages. At this point, I was just building my list and brand. 

I learned how to integrate it all and I knew that when I was ready to create my programs I would use Kajabi. I had taken a class that someone had hosted on Kajabi back in 2011 and loved the layout of the class and the forum feature.

When the day came that I was ready to create my first program I Googled Kajabi only to find they weren’t open because they were releasing New Kajabi in the coming months. I instantly applied to be a founder and I was so happy when I was approved. 

Once I was in I was thrilled but a little disappointed there was no forum, which as you will see as you read on they have an even better option. My disappointment quickly disappeared when I realized how much more I could do. I was able to create my website which was a blessing because my WordPress site had been hacked earlier that year and I never wanted to go through that again. With Kajabi I don’t need to worry about updating themes and plugins!


The ease of having everything together and the cost savings are amazing. 


All I pay for now is my domain name since website hosting is included in Kajabi’s price. No more hosting fees or need to pay for security. Saving about $200 a year.

I was also able to let go of Leadpages! Saving me $444 a year.

In time, I was also able to let go of MailChimp. At the time I was only paying $10 per month but every dollar counts.

Update Dec 2022: I was going to join Circle at $588 for the year but Kajabi has acquired Vibley and it is amazing. Feature available in January to all.

I was also thrilled that I could accept payments right within Kajabi. I didn’t have to pay for another service or figure out how to integrate it.


Kajabi Listens


It is incredible how much has changed since 2015 when I joined. I have my community forum plus so much more! 

Having my entire online business organized into one platform, with the exception of Zoom (I will even be able to let go of this because of the new community), Acuity, and Interact Quiz is priceless. Right now I have all of this in Kajabi:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Products/Programs and Membership site
  • Coaching Program
  • Private Community (The new version coming in 2023 is incredible!)
  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Offers (I don't even have to have products attached - great for coaching services!)
  • Funnels
  • Events (Great for challenges and webinars both live and evergreen)
  • Email Marketing
  • Automations - The if this then that capabilities are awesome
  • A robust Contact section to keep track of subscribers & members 
  • Affiliate Program
  • Phone App for my students and clients

Kajabi continues to add features and improvements based on customer feedback.

They have recently added a coaching product and podcasts.


Customer Service


Now with all of that said the best part of Kajabi is its customer service! It is the best that I have experienced with any company in any industry. 

Live Chat: I have 24/7 access (included with Growth Plan) but even with the basic plan you get live chat during business hours.

Official Facebook group: Where else does the President of a company help you out on a Sunday? Yes, that happened to me and it wasn’t even a Kajabi issue. A Chinese bot got to one of my opt-ins and I was getting thousands of opt-ins. I shut it down but the thought of deleting them all was daunting (at the time we couldn’t do a bulk delete). Jonathan Cronstedt or JCron as he is lovingly known to us all told me he would have support handle the problem ASAP on Monday. I didn’t even have to wait that long. They got rid of them all within an hour. The group is filled with support from employees, ambassadors, and many members.


What I Have Created With Kajabi


  • Free Programs
  • Paid Programs
  • Offers to Coaching Packages
  • Coaching Program
  • Free Challenges
  • Webinars
  • My website with Blog (yes mine is basic right now but so many have created gorgeous sites with ease)
  • Lead Magnets & Funnels
  • Community

All of that and so much faster than when I had to piece this all together.


Try Kajabi Today


Below is my affiliate link which gets you a 30-Day free trial of Kajabi’s all-in-one platform plus you get support from me setting things up.

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free Zoom call where I can show the insides of Kajabi email me at  [email protected] 

Wishing you much Productivity, Peace, and Prosperity,