"JoAnn Krall is indeed a sensible organizer. She is calm, non-judgmental and very supportive. She helped me to sort out and throw out piles of papers in my office and then get them in filed and in order. As a writer and a workshop leader, I had many articles and handouts and parts of books that were unfiled and all over the place. It was totally overwhelming and it took forever to find things. Now, I just got ready to teach a workshop and I went to the two drawers related to that topic, and everything was in the right folder, and it was a breeze to grab what I needed. I think of her almost every day as I now know where things are! JoAnn will save you hours of valuable time as well as your sanity! I highly recommend that you hire JoAnn, so that you too can have your relationship with paper transformed."

Gail McMeekin
President, Creative Success LLC, Boston ~ Author of "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" and "The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women"

"I have been looking for a step by step organizing program that works for ME and my lifestyle. Tried Fly-Lady - I like the concepts, but never really clicked with her. I've tried Marie Kondo, but if I followed her advice - I would have no clothes left. Her advice is if you don't absolutely love it - to toss it. I don't love any of my clothes, they are practical and functional. BUT then came JoAnn!! Her program is easy, functional, and split down into tiny baby steps. Even though I haven't been doing her program day-by-day the way she has it laid out (I binge clean on the weekends) She has really inspired me to look at my home in little "mini stations" - I clean and organize one little place at a time. IF any one wants a clean and tidy home in 29 days - get her program! It's great, and JoAnn will feel like a best friend you have coffee with and plan your day."

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC
Owner - Blazing Trails Coaching

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