Why I Love Kajabi and How it Has Simplified My Business



The joy in that video, yes that is the President of Kajabi dancing to Usher at Impact Summit, is how I feel about Kajabi! 

About 6 years ago I made the decision to start transitioning my Professional Organizing business to all online. This meant leaving behind my in-person services and working towards selling programs and virtual coaching services.

The tools I started with were Wordpress, Mailchimp, and Leadpages. At this point, I was just building my list and brand. 

I learned how to integrate it all and I knew that when I was ready to create my programs I would use Kajabi. I had taken a class that someone had hosted on Kajabi back in 2011 and loved the layout of the class and the forum feature.

When the day came that I was ready to create my first program I Googled Kajabi only to find they weren’t open because they were releasing New Kajabi in the coming months. I instantly applied to be a founder and I was so happy when I was approved. 

Once I was in I...

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