Quick Wins: Three Ways to Tackle Clutter in Under an Hour

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Short on time?


Join the club! I’m all about helping my clients get quick wins that inspire them to keep on going with their organization projects and showing them that you can accomplish a whole lot with not much time. 


If you have less than an hour, here are three ways you can tackle some clutter in your home that will leave you feeling a lot more peaceful, productive, and prosperous starting right away!


Clean Out Just One 


Pick a closet, drawer, bin, or file folder (either digital or paper) and clean just that one spot. A coat closet that’s become a breeding ground for no longer worn jackets and single gloves, a drawer in your kitchen that’s a little of this and a lot of that, or that Google Drive folder that you have no idea what’s even in there. 


Some great places to start when picking just one: 

  • Your purse or wallet
  • The drawer full of random remotes and cords in the TV room 
  • The SPAM or promotions folder in your email inbox 
  • Your refrigerator  


Commit to emptying, sorting, and organizing just one. 


Empty a Surface 


Haven’t seen the surface of the dining room table in a while? In under an hour, you can tackle the clutter that’s piled up on the dining room table and have it all in its place (or in the trash). 


Horizontal surfaces are common dumping grounds. It could be your desk, a chair in your bedroom, the coffee table, a bookshelf that’s too full of piles to actually hold books, or a piece of furniture that’s become a really handy spot to toss everything at the end of a long day. 

Take everything off the surface and sort it into what needs to be kept, thrown away, or donated/given away, and go from there. So often these surfaces are simply a collection of what has a home, it just never made it there. 


Some great places to start when cleaning off a surface: 

  • The bathroom counter
  • A coffee table 
  • The dining room table 
  • Your armoire 
  • A chest or bench at the end of your bed 
  • The hutch in your entryway 


Take time to put things in their right places. 


Decluttering Spree


Go through your space with the intention of letting go of ten things in each room. Don’t worry about whether or not they’re large or small, just enter each room ready to remove ten things. 


Knickknacks, broken or faulty items, outdated food items, clothes you or your kids no longer wear, books you’ll never pick up again, and photos you have duplicates of. You can even do this with things in your car or garage.  Aim for a greater number of items to get rid of. 


All of these quick wins will give you some momentum, an instant sense of accomplishment, and can be done in under an hour. It’s proof that getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require action and getting started. 


What small spaces are bugging you? What small steps can you take to tackle some of your clutter right away? 

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