Everyone is Talking About Tidying Up. Is the KonMari Method Right for You?

Does it Spark Joy?

The new Netflix show Tidying Up featuring Marie Kondo with her method of tidying she has named KonMari has the world buzzing again just like when her first books came out. In the show, she is working with people looking to declutter and get organized.

First, let me say that I love that there is a new show bringing awareness to decluttering and getting organized! If the show has inspired you, awesome! If you have gone through the full process, and it worked and you never have clutter again, awesome!

But... If you have tried it and it didn't work, you are not alone and are by no means a failure!

It doesn't work for everyone just like any other system out there. How do I know this? Years of working with people who have tried. Even some who had me there to guide them through.

I have had clients insist on trying a process they have read about. Think Peter Walsh, Julie Morgenstern, David Allen, Fly Lady, and Marie Kondo. All people great at what they do and that have...

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My Decluttering Process

While I am always maintaining my home and office there are times when clutter gets out of control. I have my system that I follow, but life happens and sometimes we need to prioritize. When I need to tackle a space this is my process:

  • First I take a deep breath.
  • I start in one corner of a room, closet, desk, other surface or container, then work my way around clockwise.
  • I work with small sections at a time to avoid a big mess at the end of my session. This way I can stop at any time if necessary.
  • I start with sorting and purging.
  • My “piles” (either containers or section of the room) include Trash, Recycle, Shred, Donate and Keep.
  • I use black trash bags for donations and white ones for trash to avoid confusion. For fragile items being donated, I use boxes or bins.
  • I never purchase organizing products until everything is sorted and purged. My goal is to avoid buying new products and use containers I already have on hand.  Plus it is important to know what sizes are...
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What is clutter? How do I know when to let go?

Clutter is simply anything you don't love or need.

You may find that answer too vague so when determining what items (and this includes digital items or tasks on your to-do list) ask yourself the following questions:

Do I love it?
Do I need it?

If the answer to both is no, let it go. Some of you will answer "I may need it one day",  If so then I would have you answer these questions:

Would it be difficult to find again?
Would it be expensive to repurchase?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions and letting go of the item will cause you to stress, keep it. Just be sure to find an out of the way, proper storage area and revisit the item at a later date.

What about all those gifts that you hold onto out of guilt? I am giving you permission to let them go! Your loved ones whether they are still alive or have passed on wouldn't want you to be stressed.

If someone gives you a gift that isn't your style or you don't need it, accept it with grace and let it go. Of course, if...

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