Three Tech Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Stay Organized

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Back-to-school season has me reminiscing about shopping for my own kids when they were young. I remember there being a dizzying number of options for notebooks, lunchboxes, folders, and binders.

Standing in the school supplies aisle trying to choose between the llama or the unicorn-covered notebook took me way longer than it should!

When it comes to tech and the tools to use for keeping your business organized, it can feel the same way.

There are tools for just about everything we need, and far too many options out there for you to go through each and every one!

So what do you REALLY need as far as tools to stay organized?

I'm going to break it down for you in this blog, so you can keep it easy and focus on the things that matter most when it comes to tech. Here are my three top tech tools for organization! In places where I offer specific suggestions or give examples, keep in mind I'm not an affiliate for any of these companies, I simply love sharing about what works well for me and help you get clarity as well!


An Online Calendar


Even if you have a paper calendar and love it, in today's day and age, you typically need a digital option as well. When you're on the go and need to know whether or not you can book that hair appointment or doctor's visit in May, your digital calendar has the answer at your fingertips.

A digital calendar also allows invites from others, which potentially contain meeting links and details, to sync with your calendar. And, if you set it up with reminders, it can alert you of deadlines, upcoming meetings, your cousin's birthday, and more!

I personally use Cozi as my online calendar for family and personal things. I'm very visual and like to write things down, so while I have the app on my phone and can access it from my computer (and anywhere else), I can also print it out. I like to print three months at a time, which then allows me to write on it and enter things digitally as needed. Cozi also syncs with my Google Calendar and shows me what I have happening in my professional world too, so I don't double-book myself. I love having it on my phone when I am out and making personal appointments or keeping track of a family-related activity.

For my business, I use Acuity for clients who want to book with me directly and secure a spot on my calendar. Acuity also syncs up with my Google Calendar and allows me to set designated appointment times in advance, as well as automatically sends confirmations, reminders, and necessary links.

Whichever online calendar you choose, make sure your work and personal life are able to be viewed in one place and are intertwined in a way that works for you. I know a lot of people that love solely using Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook, but those didn't feel right to me.

Combining Cozi, Acuity, and Google Calendar makes it easy for me, and keeping track of my schedule flows easily.


A Project Management Tool


The right Project Management tool, when used in a way that works for you is key for many in staying organized.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Project Management software. In fact, I wrote a whole blog about how to choose the one that's right for you HERE.  

There are tons of great tools out there from Trello to Basecamp, to Asana, and more! It all depends on what your goals are and whether or not you work alone, manage a team, juggle multiple projects, and need a place for client communication. I personally have found great luck with a software called ClickUp which I can best describe as a mix between Trello and Asana, with some extra features.

Many Project Management tools have a digital calendar feature as well so you may choose to use it that way tool.


A Digital Note Capturing Tool


A note capturing tool is one of my best friends in organization! Some examples include Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, and the Notes app on your phone.

These tech tools are great for when you have an idea and no place to write it down, you have a to-do list you aren't sure where to put, you took a screenshot of something you need to remember to do later or you want to save the dimensions your husband texted you while out shopping for a new refrigerator.

A digital note capturing tool allows you to put the ideas down when inspiration strikes. You can bring your notes, to-dos, and anything else you need to access quickly wherever you go!

With many of these tools, you can also search so it makes finding the information again when you need to reference it, easy breezy!

My friends find it very impressive that I "remember everything" and can find things so fast!


What's Your Favorite Tech Tool?

What are your must-have tech tools for staying organized?

While these are three I recommend to all of my clients, there are many of these that offer features in multiple categories I shared above. It's important to research, try out, and get feedback from others to find the ones that make the perfect tech stack and work for you! 

Curious to see what it's like to work with a Professional Organizer? I'd love to support you to be more Productive, Peaceful, and Prosperous and find the tools that work for you! 

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