Lists and Tools to Keep Your Brain Clutter Free

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Whether you prefer sticky notes, pads of paper, notebooks, or digital products I encourage you to make lists for everything. The more you can free your mind the better. Even if you don't utilize all the lists the act of writing things down usually sets things in motion.

I keep a small notebook beside my bed so I can write things down before I go to bed. This frees up my mind up for better sleep.

Here are my ongoing lists, how I record them, and where I keep them

Master To-Do:

This is where I pull my Daily To-Do list from. In the past, I would use a Word document to store this list but today I use project management software (ClickUp). This way I can assign due dates to ensure things get done. My list always starts out with a brain dump on paper.

Daily To-Do:

Even though my to-do list resides in ClickUp I still use a sheet of scrap paper and pen to note what I need to do that day. I am a visual person and having that list right on my desk and being able to physically cross out the items keeps me on task. Once I complete an item I mark it done in ClickUp.

Cleaning and Home & Maintenance:

For years I have had this in a spreadsheet with chores broken up by day of the week. Quarterly and semiannual items are noted as well. I have this hanging on the wall in my office.

Home Repair:

Here I keep all the improvements we eventually want to make in a word document. This hangs on my husband's office wall. I guess you could call it his Honey-Do list although we do much of it together.

Vacation Packing List: 

I keep this in a word document so I can print a new copy for each trip. It has everything for every kind of trip. I start by crossing anything off that doesn't apply to the current trip and then check each item as I pack.

Misc. Ideas & Projects:

I store these in two places. Pinterest and Evernote. I pin as much as I can into boards to keep things organized. Some sites I will clip into Evernote especially if I have created notes around the project. 

Bills to Pay/Budget:

Excel spreadsheet and Online Banking. I have a list of all the bills we pay on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This way I have one sheet to reference because some bills still come in paper and others via email.

Account Information:

This I have in a word document. I keep a printed copy in our safe deposit box. It has all our bank info, insurance info, credit card accounts, investments, and the names and addresses of our accountant and attorney. It only lists locations, not accounts.


I have tried so many apps and systems for this over the years. The one we currently use is items are noted on a whiteboard in the kitchen. Before going to the store, I note the items in a shared iPhone note. We can also add to that list when we are out and about to ensure it is up to date.

Birthdays and Special occasions: 

I have them set up to reoccur in Google Calendar. This seems like a no-brainer but I am surprised how many people don't do this.



After sharing all that I will say lists are not for everyone!

If lists stress you out, you are not alone! Some of my clients and even my own daughter don't use lists because seeing all they need to do written down actually stresses them out and makes them less productive.

Do you love lists? Do you have a list I haven't mentioned here?  I would love to hear about them or answer any questions you may have simply send me an email or direct message me on any of my social media accounts.