The Lists and Tools I Use to Keep My Brain Clutter Free

As I slowly bring my blog back to life I come across entries like this that I wrote just a few years ago that make me laugh. While I update the original post, I will add my current method (in bold) to document how things continue to evolve.

Whether you prefer sticky notes, pads of paper, notebooks or electronic devices I encourage you to make lists for everything. The more you can free your mind the better. I keep a small notebook beside my bed so I can write things down before I go to bed (This I still do, but it is a part of my Bullet Journal). This frees up my mind up for better sleep.

Here are my ongoing lists, how I record them, and where I keep them:

  • Master To-Do: This is where I pull my Daily To-Do list from. It is essentially my Brain Dump. I have it in a word document for easy updating and I keep a print out in a folder with any corresponding paper work. Today I use the same process, but the list resides in Evernote
  • Daily To-Do: I use a sheet of scrap...
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