How to Declutter Like a Professional Organizer

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organized living dining room


As a Professional Organizer, I am always maintaining the order in my home and office, however, there are times when clutter gets out of control. I have a system that I follow, but life happens sometimes. When I need to tackle my own space or a clients space this is my process:

  • First I take a deep breath.
  • I start in one corner of a room, closet, desk, another surface, or container, then work my way around clockwise.
  • I work with small sections at a time to avoid a big mess at the end of my session. This way I can stop at any time if necessary. Nothing is worse than creating a big mess and not being able to get back to it right away creating an even bigger mess.
  • I always start with purging and don't even think about where the items I am keeping will go.
  • My piles (either containers or sections of the room) include Trash, Recycle, Shred and Donate. I typically don't sell much because I rarely follow through.
  • I use black trash bags for donations and white ones for trash to avoid confusion. For fragile items being donated, I use boxes or bins.
  • I never purchase organizing products until everything is purged and sorted. My goal is to avoid buying new products and use containers I already have on hand. Plus it is important to know what sizes are needed first.
  • I always put function before beauty. I feel that a system should be in place for some time before investing in decorative containers.

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