Overwhelmed by clutter in your home?

You can have a cleaner less cluttered home in 29 days with my unconventional proven approach that can be used as a life-long system to maintain order.

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Do you identify with any or all of these statements?

  • I have tried over and over to reduce clutter in my home
  • I work at home and I feel like I can never escape all my "stuff"
  • I am ashamed of the state of my home
  • I am unable to keep up with my house cleaning
  • I have read multiple books on getting organized 
  • I believe getting organized is going to be boring and tedious
  • I have always wanted to hire a Professional Organizer, but have been unable to afford one
  • I cringe at the thought of having someone in my home helping me de-clutter and clean
  • I am tired of racing around trying to get my home in order for guests


If this is you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Decluttering isn’t always easy, but the less stuff you have the easier it is to keep things in order without elaborate systems. A cleaner less cluttered home will allow you to be more Productive, Peaceful, and Prosperous.

We often find ourselves starting and stopping, never getting ahead. The reason is often due to overwhelm, however, by doing a little each day you can see huge results in such a short time.

That is why I created the Clearing a Path to Peace program. I found a way to move through my own house that keeps me from getting bored, allows me to see overall progress, and frees me from my perfectionism.

Actionable tasks each day will keep you on task better than concepts. You will chip away at your clutter in a non-conventional way and establish a cleaning routine. The daily videos are only a few minutes or less and include one maintenance (cleaning) and one progress (decluttering) task.

When you follow the program each day you will not only have a cleaner less cluttered home, but you will start to build great habits to maintain it! You will also have continued access to the program to use it as a maintenance tool.


Benefits to a Cleaner Less Cluttered Home

  • You will be able to create organized systems more easily
  • You can save money not purchasing items that you already own
  • You will have more time to focus on your business allowing you to make more money
  • You will be able to find things more easily when you need them
  • The air quality of your home will improve which can help allergies and allow for better sleep
  • You won't have to spend an entire day on the weekend cleaning when you create a cleaning schedule that works for you, or even use mine
  • You will be able to invite people over last minute without a thought

The live option is no longer available as I offer a monthly membership for support

Clearing a Path to Peace - Self Directed


Instant access to daily short videos guiding you through clutter removal and cleaning of the living areas of your home

Continual access to the program beyond the month to use a maintenance tool

A daily checklist to keep you on task and also allow you to switch up days if necessary

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Access to the resource hub where you can ask questions that will be answered and posted in the hub. Plus my three decluttering programs:

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  • Clearing a Path to Peace
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  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
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What Clients Are Saying

"True confession--this is not the first organizing program or resource I bought but it will be the last! Finally, a program that offers simple steps, strategies, and support that truly make a difference. JoAnn’s approach to decluttering, cleaning, and organizing is straightforward and doable. Her course allows you to accomplish something daily and see the cumulative results over time. Better yet, even when I’m not working the daily video task, the earlier lessons are still running in my head helping me to continue to take action. I highly recommend Clearing a Path to Peace when you’re finished messing around and ready to get organized for good!"

Deb Coman
Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, and Speaker ~ www.DebComan.com

"I have been looking for a step by step organizing program that works for ME and my lifestyle. Tried Fly-Lady - I like the concepts, but never really clicked with her. I've tried Marie Kondo, but if I followed her advice - I would have no clothes left. Her advice is if you don't absolutely love it - to toss it. I don't love any of my clothes, they are practical and functional. BUT then came JoAnn!! Her program is easy, functional, and split down into tiny baby steps. Even though I haven't been doing her program day-by-day the way she has it laid out (I binge clean on the weekends) She has really inspired me to look at my home in little "mini stations" - I clean and organize one little place at a time. IF any one wants a clean and tidy home in 29 days - get her program! It's great, and JoAnn will feel like a best friend you have coffee with and plan your day."

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC
Owner - Blazing Trails Coaching ~ blazingtrailscoaching.com

"So perfect for my compulsion to clean everything now and perfectly. If what my home looks like is an out-picture of my compulsive behavior with regards to myself it's a wonder I get anything accomplished. Thank you for showing me something to look at and heal. In many way my wanting everything to be perfect has stood in the way of getting things accomplished a little bit at a time. "

Mark D., Brooklyn, NY

"JoAnn, I am the most unorganized mom and with an 8 and 10 year old a puppy and a husband who isn't very neat (to say the least) I basically had given up. I have been following your daily plan since New Years and I am a new person! I love coming home to a neat house! Now if I could just get the dog hair under control . You have changed my life from 3,000 miles away! Thank you! "

Diane A- Laguna Niguel, CA

Feedback from Community Members

  • This process feels great! I am grateful for being in this program.
  • I have done this kind of thing before but this feels different. The tasks are manageable and you can see a difference.
  • When I know that I have a program of short videos I can get back into at any time and get guidance and support to do the next thing, I feel progress, support, and gratitude.
  • Thanks JoAnn for creating a great way to support people through both your program and the community. I am truly grateful.
  • Your levity makes all this so much easier, too.
  • It's actually very grounding and centering.
  • I love how organized and efficient I am becoming.
  • It seems I can get more done if I focus on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking! Lessons learned! Thank you. I love your program!
  • I am grateful for the resources and support here that allowed me to do it with fresh eyes, a new perspective, and a strategy. Thank you, JoAnn!!
  • Your process and approach are very empowering.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should complete the program as quickly as possible, but you can take longer if necessary.

Don't worry if you have to skip a day or even switch days around. One day’s tasks do not rely on another.

No, we only work on the living areas of the home, but the goal is to have the skills and routines in place that will help you tackle those spaces after.

No, paperwork is its own challenge. My paperwork and digital decluttering course can be found Here.

The videos are less than a few minutes. On some days the tasks will be easier than others. Each person’s experience will be different based on where their clutter is. We only work on small areas each day.

You will get personal credentials to the site where you can log in at any time.

or send me an email [email protected]


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