Virtual Sessions:

Clutter Control

I will offer guidance and support in your decision making while reducing clutter, and once the clutter is cleared I will suggest customized systems to help you maintain an organized space. Check out my Clearing a Path to Peace program for a self directed start to getting your home in order.  Purchase it with access to my private Facebook group and you get ongoing support from myself and the community.

Office Set up

Whether you need a new set up or an overhaul of your existing office, desk or home command center I can help.  An organized office will make you more productive, reduce your stress and help you save money.

Mail & Paper Management

I specialize in paper management and will help you reduce the influx of paper into your home or office. I will then help you create systems (either physical or electronic) for processing your daily paperwork.  Download my FREE Paperwork Organization Guide to get you started.

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