How does a virtual session work?

We can either speak on the phone, communicate via Facetime/Skype, or schedule a Zoom meeting where I can record the session for your future reference. We will discuss your challenges and set up a plan of action.

Do I need to clean up prior to our appointment?

I ask that you don’t clean up before our first appointment as I need to properly assess your current environment, should you choose to share it with me. Please be assured that all work will be kept confidential.  As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers I follow the NAPO Code of Ethics.

Will you make me throw away all my “stuff”?

I will encourage you to discard, donate or resell things that you no longer want, need or love. I will help you decide what things are truly important to you. You will make the ultimate decision on what you want to keep.

Do I need to buy anything to get organized?

Not necessarily because buying the wrong supplies can lead to more clutter. I prefer to use items that you may already have to save you money. If the need arises I will offer product recommendations.

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