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My 7-Step Process to get your Paper and Digital Information Under Control

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You are in the right place if you struggle with either paper or digital organization. 

Whether personal business or both, having a overload of information can paralyze us and keep us from productivity, peace, and prosperity.

Yes, that is me with the peaceful look on my face or as some might say deer in the headlights look. LOL Even though I am former accountant I have never taken myself too seriously.

I have been helping people get organized my entire life and getting paid to do it for 12 years as a Professional Organizer. My mission is to help you get organized so you can be more productive, peaceful, and prosperous!

Why I Created This Program



The acronym C.H.A.N.G.E.S. magically appeared when I was naming the 7-step process to get paper and digital files under control. My initial reaction was that it kind of fits, then I realized it fits better than I thought. I believe we need to change to become more organized but I don't think the changes need to be big. Making small tweaks can lead to better success because you aren't trying to adjust your habits too much.

Whether you struggle with paper or digital overwhelm the process to get it under control is the same. While I don't believe in cookie cutter systems for maintenance, I do believe the decluttering process is suited for a structured approach. This is the process I have been using with my clients for 12 years. 


What is included in the course?

The course is broken out into the following modules for each step. The lessons are video based and I will be adding modules on children, estates and other special circumstances.


  • Collect - Gather 
  • Harmonize - Reducing inflow and preparing your mindset
  • Assign - Designate homes for incoming
  • Narrow - Purge
  • Group - Sort
  • Evaluate - Analysis 
  • Systems - Setting up systems or even thinking about them is the last step

It will depend on the amount of paper and digital clutter as to how long each step will take you. The important think to remember is to follow the steps in order and not worry about what is next.

"I got so much out of our call JoAnn. THANK YOU so much for offering this. You'd be proud to know that I spent an hour yesterday going through my Dropbox folder and deleting all the files I don't need, and I have officially cleaned it out. WOW - who knew it would be that easy? Next - I'm going to do the same with all the files on my desktop. =) I feel lighter already. This is something I've been wanting to do for YEARS so this is exciting! Perfect way to enter the new year. So grateful for your time. Thank you!"

Kat Kim
Spiritual Teacher and Confidence Coach ~

"JoAnn Krall is indeed a sensible organizer. She is calm, non-judgmental and very supportive. She helped me to sort out and throw out piles of papers in my office and then get them in filed and in order. As a writer and a workshop leader, I had many articles and handouts and parts of books that were unfiled and all over the place. It was totally overwhelming and it took forever to find things. Now, I just got ready to teach a workshop and I went to the two drawers related to that topic, and everything was in the right folder, and it was a breeze to grab what I needed. I think of her almost every day as I now know where things are! JoAnn will save you hours of valuable time as well as your sanity! I highly recommend that you hire JoAnn, so that you too can have your relationship with paper transformed."

Gail McMeekin
President, Creative Success LLC, Boston Author of "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" and "The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women"

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! You get the course for life and you can work at your own pace.

You will receive personal credentials to the site where you can login at any time.

The program is self directed but each module has a comment section where you can ask questions. If you need more support beyond what I can answer there you can also book a free strategy session. There we can discuss your options for further support.

I don't specifically talk about photos but you can use some of the principals to pare down your photos. I have another course devoted to photo organization here Face Your Photos


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